Here are a few galleries of my work to give you an idea of the things I get up to. I make many different sorts of art but they are all informed by fieldwork, drawing from life and studying creatures in their habitat. this can be minibeasts in the garden or wintering birds on Strangford lough. In the studio I make paintings, drawings and graphic stories. As if that wasn’t enough my love of drawing and wildlife also escapes into digital illustration and paper art!


During the 2020 spring and summer lockdown I was unable do make my usual field trips to the coast and local reserves to make field studies. Undeterred, I invested in some clip on magnifiers for my glasses and got to work discovering the mini beasts in

the garden! I was delighted to have some of these studies accepted into the annual exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists in London

I am lucky to live near to Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. This is a large sea lough that attracts thousands of wintering birds each year. The most well known of these are pale bellied brent geese which make an epic migration from arctic Canada, attracted by the nutritious eelgrass beds in the top part of the lough. I love to get out and draw from life whenever I can.

Illustration and design

I have been producing greetings cards of my work for a few years but when the lockdown began in march 2020, a friend instigated a daily drawing challenge – “inksolation”. As it turned out we did this for a marathon 3 months. By the end I had dozens of new digital drawings. You can see and buy all my cards on line at:

A comic book illustration evening class a few years ago reconnected me with my cartoon drawing self and I have been experimenting with applying this to wildlife subjects in various ways ever since. I have a number of projects in various stages from being created to being dreamed about! Some of my single page cartoons are available as prints which are smaller than the originals. If you are interested you can take a look on my facebook shop and drop me a line if anything tickles you!

I have been involved in the craft sector for many years as a maker, usually of things that don’t quite fit into any of the traditional craft disciplines. These days I make wildlife themed paper art and cards. You Buy these online at:

Craft NI Gallery and online shop

Studio Work

The Ulster Hall, Belfast, October 2013

“Us” was an exhibition of a series of paintings examining some of our fellow residents of Belfast city and their alternative network of places to gather, feed, rest or set up home. The title “Us” queries this simple word. What do we mean when we use it? What could our understanding of community encompass? A number of these pieces are available from:

The Yard Gallery, Holywood

The Loft Gallery, Portaferry

Each year Brent geese make an epic 2700 mile journey from the Canadian high arctic to the shores of Strangford lough. In Northern Ireland. Branta bernicla hrota was a series of 14 mixed media drawings forming a narrative imagining this journey, the landscapes and obstacles they face.