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I am a wildlife artist illustrator and designer. I work in acrylic, watercolour, drawing and collage as well as digitally. I am also a keen bird watcher and the foundation to everything I create is field work – hours of watching and sketching birds from life until they are embedded in my mind's eye.

Living in Northern Ireland, I am able to observe birds from as far north as the arctic circle and as far south as Africa and South America. This seasonal coming and going has been part of life and culture here for as long as there have been people to witness it. I am just the latest in a long line of “watchers” stretching back for generations. The birds likewise are the latest in generations that go back into the far distant past.

I am interested in creating narratives that explore and communicate stories about birds which are local but which also travel great distances. By connecting our small corner of the world to the rest of the planet, they function as both evidence and as a powerful metaphor of the interdependence of the natural world.

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My paper cut bird cards are now available to purchase via this great new locally started site dedicated to sustainable shopping

When we finally open up again, my work can also be seen at:

My printed cards. are also available to purchase on line at Lovefromthe

In the absence of their usual markets, Ards artisans are selling via facebook shop. Pease do check out the shop and support local businesses where you can.

Latest  News -May - June 2020!

As you might imagine, things for me as for many other local artists have ground to a halt. We are creative and resourceful though and social media has been buzzing with drawing challenges, support groups, fun, anger, despair, warmth, hope and laughter! Now I am even on a virtual residency! I feel more fortunate than ever to be a part of this community. You can keep up with me and all the barmy time of Corona goings on through my instagram or facebook where you can also sign up for my newsletter for news, fairs and exhibitions when they finally start up again! Best wishes and stay safe and well.

Loolyn website Ards Artisans facebook shop

Free Lockdown Craft project!

As you know, Bob the robin loves to travel, but since lockdown he has had to make do with regular robin things like inspecting the garden and sitting on spades. So Bob decided to travel virtually. Can you help Bob out by dowloading a Bob to make so he can see your place?

I am currently studying birds with the very wonderful Ayatana Artists Research Program based in Canada. Different artists, different continents, different time zones. Brought together via zoom and social media! Fantastic!   

I am delighted that the Scottish Ornitholigists Club now have some of my pieces available to by from their new online shop.